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One2flush converts your toilet to a dual-flush system, saving thousands of gallons of water each year.

Save thousands of of gallons of water a year!

Convert your toilet to dual-flush
—quick and inexpensive! 

One2flush is the first dual flush conversion kit that can reduce water usage by as many as 30 gallons a day for the average family, or more than 10,000 gallons a year. That's the equivalent of filling a 27-foot-long swimming pool.

How does it work? Just push the dual-action handle one way for liquids, the other way for solids, and the dual flush system smartly draws in the correct amount of water needed to efficiently and completely clean away the waste. And it's so simple to install, anyone can easily convert their toilet with just three simple tools, a bucket and a sponge.

The One2flush is perfect for families watching their expenses and for consumers in drought-stricken areas. With its reduced water needs, the One2flush eases the demands on local waste water treatment plants, and by giving extended life to old non-degradable porcelain toilets, One2flush even reduces landfill space.

Our Price: $24 ($6 less than manufacturer's suggested price!)

Special Quantity Discount: $20 each for a case of 8! (total $160)   

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